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Linguist Services Portugal

We have been using TOM with convincing results for many years. In particular the integrated e-mail module makes project processing faster, straightforward and error-free. Being perfectly interlinked, the various modules are always easy to query for information needed. Rui Marques, Owner

mcc communication consulting GmbH, Austria

lo_meinrad The large number of automated routines, such as e-mail attachments or processing TM analysis reports, are a big time-saver. This also helps a lot to avoid human errors. Mag. Meinrad Reiterer, Owner mcc communication consulting GmbH, Austria

das uebersetzernetzwerk

1 zeilig

I love the web forms in TOM. They are well accepted and widely used by clients, and by freelancers submitting their applications to our agency … fully satisfied!

Jörn Schüler, Owner
das uebersetzernetzwerk, Germany
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