What TOM users say

Linguist Services Portugal

We have been using TOM with convincing results for many years. In particular the integrated e-mail module makes project processing faster, straightforward and error-free. Being perfectly interlinked, the various modules are always easy to query for information needed. Rui Marques, Owner

IFA-Traducto GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

We are very happy with TOM being our central business management application. It is an essential tool for processing the large number of orders and deadlines we have to cope with every day. What we appreciate in particular is the quick and flexible program adaption to particular needs: whether user interface or new functionality, the support is prompt and uncomplicated. Burim Bektesi, Business Manager
IFA-Traducto GmbH, Düsseldorf

oneword GmbH, Böblingen

TOM is a valuable business management tool that has helped us a lot to streamline and speed up work routines, and to provide relevant documentation of work processes. This proves particularly useful in documenting our specific work processes as per DIN EN 15038
Andrea Modersohn, Owner
oneword GmbH, Germany
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