In TOM you have many ways to get started and help you make your way into core features like invoicing and TM calculation.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions The first place to look for answers to general feature & handling inquiries is the FAQ page.
TOM Online Help files Take a look at TOM’s online, browser-based Help system that describes functions & features in detail. Note: When called from within TOM Help calls are mostly context-sensitive.
TOM’s built-in Help screens & tours Make sure to check out TOM’s built-in Help system (Start screen). You will find concentrated about key program features: default settings, files & folders management, PDF creation and many more. Some essential routines, such as Creating a new project, can be run as guided tours mode with lots of on-the-spot information and highlighting.




TOM Bug Reporting Form (integrated) For more complex bug reports please use the built-in bug reporting form to send an e-mail to Jovosoft. You can find the form in the Help menu in almost every TOM program screen.