TOM Client Portal

The client portal is TOM’s largest web extension. It is a modern order, inquiry and information platform for translation customers. Selected customers will have their member areas where they can place orders, place inquiries and view order statistics and reports.

Basic process

When an order is placed in the portal the project manager in charge of that customer will receive an e-mail containing a link to the order data. The entire order data is then imported into TOM by drag & drop. After editing order details the project is uploaded back to the portal. This takes place upon project manager’s decision – not automatically, but effortlessly.

File transfer

Translation files can be uploaded and downloaded through the client portal in both directions, thus eliminating low file size limits and diminishing e-mail traffic.

Passive use by translation customers

Even if translation customers choose not to use the portal actively (i.e. they want to continue placing orders the old style) you as an agency can offer those clients its use as an information platform (“passive web clients”) and thereby enhance the service level and improve your public appearance.


The portal can be integrated into your agency’s web space – no third-party hosting takes place unless explicitly asked for. It is php based and freely adaptable.

The client portal is an optional extra separately available