Translator's Office Manager (TOM) organizes, automates and facilitates workflow management in translation agencies. The software integrates project management (order processing), management of client and translator information (contact, communication, business data) and finance management in a single application. A calendar displaying deadlines and free appointments is included as well.

All modules are linked on different levels, making relevant data from any module easily available in other modules wherever needed.

A Help system provides context related information in most program screens.


Web functionality

TOM is NOT based on typical web technologies such as html, sql, js etc. and can therefore not be accessed and run in a browser.  There are, however, various ways of running TOM in a cloud. Moreover, various web extensions , which can be deployed as extras on user's web space to communicate with the local TOM installation, enable TOM to interact with web resources.

This architecture has a benefit: Business data remain "at home" - under full user control, and independent of an intact internet connection - while internet interaction opens TOM's communication with the outside world.


Important changes in TOM Version 13

New window style: Based on changes in the way FileMaker© handles its program windows you can now have different TOM work areas open in separate windows, e.g. the new calendar module open in a window on the second monitor screen,  while doing project work on the main screen.
The new, JavaScript based Calendar module shows deadlines and appointments in day/week/month views.


Agency and Solito versions were merged, i.e. they have been integrated in one program application, in which the selected option detemines the differences in functionality.
Transparence and trackability: processes in project work and invoicing are recorded in a program log.