TOM Concepts: Prices

Price schemes are integrated on different levels into TOM's project management.

General price list >Program settings >Sources >Price Chart . This is used as an optional resource to be imported into client profiles. It is not directly integrated into project management.
Clients price lists - used in project management (sub-projects) and uses a fixed language pair format for identification.
Another general price list for various "articles" (e.g. postage) and services, editable in >Program settings >Sources >Sources and used in the sub-project drop-down list. The listed price will appear in a sub-project when that service has been chosen as a project item.
Suppliers price list - used in project management (sub-projects) in the same as the client price list.


Effective prices

The effective price (often displayed in projects etc.) takes into account differences in currency and varying pricing specifications (characters per line, word count versus line count) in order to re-calculate price, cost and profit into your own currency and pricing specification.