Finanzen: Reporting and statistics

The reporting functions in the main Finance section offer a plain chronological listing of your financial items as well as an evaluation grouped by VAT/GST rates (important for calculating periodical VAT tax load).


in  Outgoing invoices  or  Incoming invoices   call the items you want to evaluate
select:  Reports invoice date  or payment date   from the main icon bar

You will be directed to the print layout.

adapt the report title
choose between a simple print, displaying only a grand summary in the footer area, and an evaluation by VAT/GST rate. You will find this options indicated in the tooltip of the two Print icons.


Revenue vs Expenditures: Balances (gross, net, VAT/GST)

For an overview of balances for the selected period Click the button Periodical Summary in the Outgoing invoices  section

select a period
open the menu and click on the Arrow icon to run the calculation