Finances: Reporting and statistics

The reporting functions in the main Finance section offer a plain chronological listing of your financial items as well as an evaluation grouped by VAT/GST rates (important for calculating periodical VAT tax load).


You are in  Outgoing invoices  or  Incoming invoices   .

In the icon bar click report .
Set the periodical filter (Month/Year) and select invoice date  or payment date   .

You will be directed to the first of two print layouts.

Report by tax rate

Adapt the report title, if needed.
Choose between the following print options:
- plain list displaying only a grand summary in the footer area
- evaluation with subtotals by VAT/GST rate.

You will find the options indicated in the tooltip of the two Print icons.


Report by Months (only for outgoing invoices)

This option refers to the selected year.

To enter this report layout click report2 in the first report layout.
You will see a list of invoice items sub-divided by month.
You can create a graphical display (bar chart) by clicking report.




Revenue vs Expenditures: Balances (gross, net, VAT/GST)

For an overview of balances for the selected period Click the  Report  button .

select a period
open the menu and click on the Arrow icon to run the calculation