Export for mail merge letter

Under Windows you have an often  used file format for mail merge projects, having a *.mer (merge) file extension.


1. Prepare as described under Exporting data .

2. In the Export list make the following settings:

Clients export

File name:  [any].mer

Field order:

Adr_Title (Mr / Ms )

Adr_FirstName (client first name if any)

Adr_Name (client / company name)

d_FirstN_Name_Cti (Name of contact person/employee)

Adr_Street (street)

Adr_Zip (ZIP)

Adr_City (place/city)

Adr_StDistr (state/province etc.)

ADR_Country (country)

d_SalutExport_T (the salutation phrase stored with the member of staff)