Form templates

Form templates provide the standard text labels you use on your quotes, invoices, etc.

All form templates can be freely edited in terms of the language used, and partly in terms of content as well.

In >Program settings >Forms  there is a list of language templates which can be edited, copied (duplicated) or deleted as required. Even varying date and number formats are considered in this scheme, whereby you can e.g. issue an invoice EUR 11,11 to a German company and an invoice over the same amount, but with decimal point (USD 11.11) to a US-based company.
These templates can be assigned to specific client and translator records.


Forms customisation vs. Layout customisation

Please note these differences:

Customising forms means changing the labelling of fields that appear on documents such as invoices, e.g. changing the term "Language" into "Target language", or use the German "Zielsprache" for customers in Germany. Also standard phrases on forms can be edited for each form template.
Customising layouts, on the contrary, refers to changing fonts, font sizes & style, the arrangement of fields in the layouts, custom graphics / logos etc. and apply to ALL forms equally.


Program settings - Forms