PDF Creation


Automated PDF creation in TOM is only possibly if you are running the program under FileMaker Pro.

While you always have the option of using a third-party print-to-pdf solution, the benefit of TOM's own PDF creation is that file names and paths are generated fully automatically and that thereby you can launch or find the PDF files from within TOM (e.g. auto-attach the invoice pdf to an e-mail).


To be sure: even without using FileMaker Pro® you can create PDF Files from TOM forms through PDF print tools (Adobe or free PDF printers)!


Setting the path to the default pdf folders

Whenever you create a pdf document from an invoice, offer etc. TOM tries to store it in a specified folder.




You must define the path to the main Documents folder in Program settings / Forms. The sub-folders will be addressed automatically in the given TOM process (invoice, quote etc.)
A valid folder path is absolutely necessary for function to work!
In a network environment make sure the path you enter can be accessed by all workstations in the network.