Designing print layouts

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The basic layouts used for printing letters, invoices etc can be customized by inserting custom graphics and text elements.

In case you are using letter paper with a printed letter head etc. all you have to do is delete the demo layout elements in >User Settings|Forms|Letter and Fax.

These changes affect:

order confirmations
purchase orders
general correspondence



In T.O.M.'s non-network version (without FileMaker Pro) you cannot influence the arrangement of layout objects in your forms. What you can do is insert layout elements in various places.

The logo is always inserted into the layout in graphic format, see below.
The other elements can be bnoth: graphic format or plain (formatted) text.



How to insert elements in your T.O.M. layouts

Go to >User Settings|Forms .. Letter/Fax.

Method1: 'Insert' menu command / Right-click menu "insert picture"

Place the cursor in the logo field, open the >Insert menu and choose Picture. Select your logo in the following dialog and disable the option "Store only a reference" - it should be deactivated !

The logo should then appear in the logo field immediately. The appearance, however, may not be the same as on the final print.


Method 2: Drag & Drop

With the left mouse button pressed, drag a graphic file from Windows Explorer into the logo field in TOM..


Method 3: Via the clipboard

Copy the graphic element in another application (mark/Ctrl + C), click into the field in T.O.M. once, then choose "Edit/Paste" (or Ctrl+ V).



The graphic element should be approximately the same size as the T.O.M. layout field to avoid distortions.
You cannot move graphic elements on the layout, but you can influence the position of your logo indirectly. E.g. to enforce a right-hand alignment for your logo, create a graphic object covering the full page width (corresponding to the space available in T.O.M.), filling the left-hand blank space with a transparent or a white element.


More Layouting Options

As indicated above, there is much more freedom in layout customization when working with FileMaker Pro. Please contact Jovosoft for more details on this.
You can always have your layout adaptations done by Jovosoft. Please contact us for a quote!


MS Word Print Option

An entirely different approach, with much more flexibility in layout design is using the supplied MS Word templates.