Project and Quote templates

You can declare any project or offer to serve as a template that can be used in the creation of other, similar projects and offers in flexible ways. In this way large repetitive orders and enquiries can be handled extremely fast.


Declaring a project or offer as template

Enter the project or offer that you want to use as a template.
From the main icon bar, select the template button, then enter an easily identifyable name for the template.


Using templates in project creation

The following information applies to projects as well as quotes.

In the Project input screen click on Order Templates (not needed in Quotes). You will now see a list of projects that have previously been defined as templates. While hovering over the text fields with the mouse pointer you will see more project details. If you want to remove a template from the list simply clear the checkbox at the end of the row.

Copying template details into a new project

Click on a template name to display its details (incl. sub-projects) and to activate it. Main project details and sub-project details can be handled separately.


Applying main project data

To copy general project details click (beneath the sub-project table).

Whether or not the client name (incl. contact person) will be included as well depends on the "Client" option below is activated or not. The same applies to many other details.

Applying sub-project data

Depending on the activated options sub-project data can be copied in full or in parts from the template into the new project. As for project data, hovering over the fields with the mouse pointer will display further information contained in the template.

Please note QUANTITY / no. of units is never copied



Set or clear the checkbox on the left of each SP to include or exclude it from the new project. Please note that this setting is saved with the template in any future use!
More checkboxes at the bottom allow you to define which sub-project details are to be used in the new project.


Setting a general standard for copying data

You can save your preferred template settings, and load these the next time you activate a template.

View all templates

In Project List view, click the Templates option to view all templates at a glance.