Text count in TOM

TOM features an integrated text counting tool that is available in various program sections in order to facilitate project processing:

when inputting offer data
when inputting project data to pre-analyse the files to be translated
in an ongoing project


TOM uses the separately installed Metatexis Count tool to perform text counts.

File formats that can be counted:

Open Office formats

General notes on text counting

The known text counting tools as well as the text counting function in MS Word apply different counting criteria, which leads to differences in the count results. E.g., it is quote well known that MS Word does not count text in text boxes (which TOM does, of course). On the other hand, MS Word counts the automatically generated paragraph numbering (e.g. 2.1) as one word - TOM does not.

Another example: How many words do you count in the following e-mail address:


MS WORD counts ONE word, TOM (MT Count) reads this as FOUR words.

In general it can be said that there is no clearly prescribed counting method and minor deviations are the rule.


CHARS contains ALL characters except for paragraphs without contents (i.e. such paragraphs that consist of just one Return character Absatzzeichen or of return characters and blanks or tabs).
The figures stated as Blanks and Numbers are intended to add to the overall picture, they are included in the figure for Characters.
The figure for Lines are is calculated from the number of characters per line that is defined in Program settings (in most cases 50 - 55).


How to perform a text count
Text counting takes place in at least 2 steps:

1.Importing of file metadata (select a file from Windows Explorer)
2.Text count: Triggering of Metatexis text counting tool ("MT Count"), which opens in a separate application window, performs the count and exports a file with the counting results. Finally, importing the information into TOM: while MT Count is at work TOM, in the background, sends a query every two seconds to find out whether the text counting results have been exported by MT Count and are ready to import. No user interaction is expected until the count results are visible in TOM.



In a work list of imported text files only such files are counted that do not yet contain any counting information. If you want to refresh the values already existing for a file you must first clear the existing counting values (see above screen photo!), otherwise you may encounter the error message "No file ready for counting".