IconDemo, Ordering, Registration
IconProgram structure
IconUser Interface
IconGeneral handling tips
IconStart Screen / Dashboard
IconSide window
IconUser Settings
IconProject Management
IconIDs and Serial Nos
IconInternal staff, User privileges
IconE-Mail settings / Address format
IconForm templates
IconE-mail form templates
IconProject Management
IconNew project: General data
IconNew project: Creating sub-projects
IconNew project: Sub-Project Assistant
IconProject functions
IconProject e-mail
IconTime reporting
IconPartial payment and advance payment
IconProject folder
IconFinding projects
IconDiscounts and surcharges
IconProject overview (List view)
IconProject statistics and reporting
IconHandling interpreting jobs
IconBasic functions in sub-projects
IconDeadlines and prices
IconSelecting translator for a sub-project
IconCreating a purchase order
IconSplitting up a job among several freelancers
IconSub-project naming, additional info
IconSpecial (Sub-) Projects and Invoice Items
IconSub-project overview (List view)
IconTM Analysis
IconTM New, Import, Basic functions
IconTM import details
IconTM Reporting options
IconTM Data flow and default settings
IconQuote vs. Project in TM Module
IconIntegrating translators in TM analysis
IconOffers / Quotes
IconCreate and Send Offers (Quotes)
IconTurning an offer into a new project
IconClient Management
IconClient data input
IconFunctions in single-profile view
IconList functions
IconClient Staff - Overview
IconTranslator / Supplier Management
IconTranslator data input
IconFunctions in single-profile view
IconManaging fees
IconList functions
IconFinding translators
IconBasic functions
IconTrade discounts
IconReporting and statistics
IconSetting financial accounts
IconCreating reminders
IconGeneral contacts
IconMarketing Contacts
IconTOM Mail
IconBasic settings
IconConfiguring e-mail accounts
IconDefining filter rules
IconManaging file attachments
IconE-Mail folders
IconTOM Mail: Creating and sending messages
IconTOM-Mail: Processing single messages (incoming)
IconWeb integration
IconClient web portal
IconReceiving Inquiries
IconReceiving Freelancer Applications
IconCustomizing web forms
IconE-Mail Circulars
IconCreating and sending e-mail circulars
IconGeneral Functions
IconQuick Search
IconFinding records: Detailed Search
IconPrint using MS Word
IconDesigning print layouts
IconAddress Format Templates
IconProject and Offer Templates
IconText count in TOM
IconForm templates
IconPDF Creation
IconPhone Dialling
IconData import
IconExporting data
IconExport for mail merge letter
IconTOM Concepts
IconDefault translators vs. Preferred translators
IconPrices in TOM
IconISO language codes

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