TOM's eMail Module

TOM's own e-mail client has been discontinued with TOM version 13. This means that you can no longer receive e-mails in TOM directly, but of course you can still send mails using your standard e-mail client. Users of previous TOM Mail still have access to existing e-mail records.


Outgoing eMail (when created from within TOM) is stored with each project / quote
and can also be viewed in an unfiltered list in the eMail Module.



New in TOM 13: Direct e-mail (opt. HTML), webmail interface

Direct e-mail sends project-related e-mail messages without using an an external e-mail client by connecting directly to your e-mail provider's SMTP server. This method allows for multiple attachments. It also allows for html formatting, which is useful for delivering TM reports or to project/subproject structures and prices in Quotes in clearly structured, easy-to-read layouts.

For more information read on here .

Information about the webmail interface here.