To open this module click the  Marketing  tile on the dashboard.

This is an independent module allowing you to store contact data of prospective customers, target groups for promotion activities etc. It allows you to easily organize your marketing activities: general mailing campaigns as well as individual marketing contacts.

You will:

have on record the contacts you have had (who, when, what and how)
always stay informed about forthcoming appointments you made



On the Dashboard click on the  Marketing Contacts   tile.

You will manage your marketing contacts in three screens:

List view: filtering and various batch functions
Detail view: address and contact data, staff list, contacts made etc.
Appointments: the basis for systematic telephone marketing


To view and edit record details click on a name in the left-hand column.


Adding contacts

There are two ways of adding contacts:

1. Manually add single contacts by clicking the New contact  button.

2. Import from a file:

Select the 'Import' command from the Marketing Contacts text menu  (the standard Windows menu!) while in List view.
Select one of the file formats offered - such as Excel (*.xls) or the text formats tab/comma separated (*.tab, *.csv).
You will then be prompted to match fields to be imported. For easier identification the fields that are typically used for an address import all begin with an underscore, e.g. " _City_T" or "_CompanyName_T". Important Be sure to activate "Use automatic input options" !



Assigning standard values to a list of contacts

This feature is useful for keeping a systematic order of your marketing contacts and campains. By assigning categories, sources and status notes to sets of contacts you can later on easily find them for further action.

Example: You want to store newly imported contacts under the category PromoBigComp. (You can later use this to send out a circular to all contacts under this category.) Simply enter this expression in the field above the Category column and click . At a later time, entering PromoBigComp will find that same set of contacts for further action.


Please note that right after each import only the imported records are shown.Therefore this is the ideal time for inserting generalized information: after adding this status note to a set of records it will be easy to go back the same record set later on.


Example: "Status"

After import a set of records you may, e.g., assign a status label "Promo1" to indicate that the listed records have been used in their first mailing campaign.  You could then search for all records having "Promo1" and use them for "Promo2", the second mailing campaign, etc. .

Including records in Distribution lists for circulars

As in other contact tables in TOM you can also add marketing contacts to the distribution list for a current circular mail you want to send out. To do so click into the checkbox at the end of each List row.
By pressing the "+" and the "-"  buttons at the column header you can select or de-select the entire set of currently listed records .

In Detail view you can optionally define an individual salutation line, in case a contact in the company is known to you personally. For all others you can generate a general salutation line in the Circulars module.


Appointments List

In order to organize your telephone marketing you can keep record of contacts made and things discussed (Detail view). You can also create a date for another, follow-up appointment.

Add an appointment: In a prospect's Detail view click into the first free row in the appointments list on the right
Type in details about the contact made: go to Appointments List for this:
1.) by clicking on lupe_pkt  in the appointmenst list in Detail view
2.) from List view, main icon bar
Appointments List: Open the to filter entries by status.

Convert Marketing Contact into Client profile

Click on  New Client  in the main menu bar in Detail view .

The marketing contact itself will not be automatically deleted in this process.


Further options

Detail view shows:

appointments with this prospect
the contact's e-mail traffic (only TOM Mail)
list of promotional campaigns and circulars that a contact has been involved in