Creating and sending a quote

Quote creation follows the same basic pattern as project creation. Data input first takes place in a separate input screen. However, the creation of offer items (sub-projects) is slightly different from project management.


Input Screen

Some information in the input screen is for internal processes, other for your customer's information.

Using Quote Templates

You can declare any existing offer as a template and use this in the creation of new offers. For more information read Project and Offer templates.


Text Count in Quotes

The text counting feature is capable of processing MS Office formats (incl. PowerPoint), PDF and general text.

For information on how to use TOM Count go here.


Please note that you can generate quote items from the imported files!


Managing quote items

Method 1: SP-Assistent while in Input window
This follows the same basic procedure as in Project management (see SP Assistent)


Method 2: Adding quote items

Upon returning back to the main quote screen, the first offer item will have been created for you.

You still need to edit the details, including prices. To do so click into the row in the offer items list and edit the details in the edit area at the bottom of the screen.
You can create more quote items by clicking on .
A calculation aid on the right enables you to assess project costs and the expected margin.
For information on how to include discounts or surcharges read Discounts and surcharges.



Printing the Quote

Click the Print navigation tab (at the bottom of the screen).
The default offer phrases are defined in Program settings >Forms >Quotes and can be edited here.
You may want to use standard text modules. as defined in Program settings >Forms >Quotes.
List Translation Files: Use this option to display a complete listing of translated files, separated by a semicolon, on your offer. TOM inserts the list first place in the second large text field (you will see the result immediately.)
- You can define an introductory phrase (such as "Files to be translated" as part of the Offers form template in User Setting | Forms
- Important TOM will search the files in the your Quote Folder (top level).  Make sure you have defined one and that the original files are stored in it!
You may want to switch to another form template for the current client.
"Print on 2 pages" option

If you have long introductory text the 2-page option will force all offer items to appear on the second page (thereby avoiding undesired page breaks). This may require a little experimenting,

PDF-only option

requires TOM to run on FileMaker Pro, more info here


prints the offer using an MS-Word template.

Click the Print button.


E-Mailing the quote  

Click the  E-Mail  navigation tab (at the bottom of the screen).

You can create

a text-only quote e-mail, using pre-defined e-mail templates
an html-formatted e-mail using the Direct Mail method
an empty e-mail, or
an e-mail with the previously created PDF file attached


Option: Inquiry to several translators

You can send out an inquiry to several translators at a time. This feature

is available in Finding translators
to edit the text template go to >Program settings >Forms >E-Mail >General.