Select  Quotes  from the main icon bar or from the Dashboard. Quotes are managed in three program screens:


oList view, offering the following features:
- Call quotes by status: Not yet sent, Open, Accepted, Rejected
- Show quotes in groups (with subtotals): Status, Client, Project manager, Month: Click on column title.
oInput window
o- general data, Text count, SP Assistant
- import TM reports
oDetail view (single quote), this layout is subdivided into Data Input   Print  and   E-Mail  (navigation bar at the bottom)



The structure of quotes resembles that of projects (1 project / x sub-projects.)
Offers and projects are two distinctly separate data ranges in TOM. However, there are links between them.
You can create a project from an quote and also create a quote from a project.
Quotes can be generated as letters (pdf) or as e-mail.
You can generate a quote using an the Print-to-Word feature.
If the inquiring company is not yet your customer you have to first create a client record and activate the option "Prospect". Upon acceptance of the quote this status automatically changes to "Client" if the project has been created from the quote.