Managing project folders and files

The files & folders management feature in TOM greatly facilitates the creation of folders required for a systematic filing, as well as the handling of project related files.

The project folder can be opened from anywhere in the project or from the project list, giving quick access to relevant files.
The project folder is used it as a starting point when selecting files for word/character counting, or when importing TM analysis reports, or when attaching files to an e-mail message. This makes lengthy file searching obsolete.
The root path for project folders in TOM is set in Program settings: Projects. Client folders are created within the root folder. Project folders are created within a client folder.


Basic folder creation (fast method for simple projects):

Project folders are usually created while inputting data in a new project. However, it can also be created later from within the single-project view.

Go to Program settings - Projects to activate an option whereby a project folder or even a complete folder structure is created automatically each time a new project is generated.


Folder tree creation

In Project input screen you can create 2-level folder trees with 'Task Folders' that will be automatically created within the project folder.

To do so click the button showing a folder tree (tooltop: Create folder including sub-folders.)
To define the default folder structure go to Program settings/Projects.


You can de-activate specific task folders if not needed in order not to let your folder tree get more complex than necessary.
You have the additional option to create sub-project folders (function in the sub-project window) in each of the selected task folders. By default all task folders are selected for this function. (Again, deactivated task folders will be skipped.)