Managing Interpreting jobs

Interpreting jobs are integrated into general project management as a special order type. This primarily has to do with recording and processing of details such as place, time(s), equipment required etc. The fields required for this have been integrated into TOM's project screens in a way that they are not visible right away. Click  the  Interpreting  button to display the following fields:

matter or subject

Also, while in project input screen, check the "Interpreting job" checkbox. As an option, you can define this as the standard order type for a particular client (e.g. courts) in the given client profile.


The base: interpreting details in templates

To handle interpreting jobs efficiently start by completing the text templates in User Settings. You will find special interpreting templates for the following documents:

Order confirmations
Purchase order form "Misc. Orders"




In the project input screen click the  Interpreting  button to display the special fields. Enter the job details here. This will be available to you in various stages of processing the job:

in the order confirmation
in the sub-project / job assignment form to the interpreter

You can drag & drop or copy the information into those documents as appropriate.


 Please note 
When processing an interpreting job
make sure you use the reviewer section
in the sub-project (not the translation section)!