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The List view of Projects offers numerous functions for organising, selecting, evaluating, printing or exporting project data. At the same time it is used to navigate to specific projects by

clicking on the project number to the far left of each row.


Displaying filtered sets of projects

There are filtering functions in the main as well as in the list of projects itself:


 Select...  menu

Status filters

Open / Completed / Open/compl. / Cancelled / Project templates / All
These filters call projects by their status. Please note that the user filter is applied here (only current user <> all users) !

Period filter

You can call projects by month/quarter/year

1. Select a period.

2. If required, change the user filter

3. Click on the arrow icon to launch the query.


Client filter (plus Status)

Click on a client name in the list to open a menu offering to call the open, completed or all projects  with this client. Here no user filter is applied !


Show last x projects

Displays the last created projects in the numbers you specify. You can make a default setting for this number under  Start Options .

The user filter is applied here.


Selecting projects and calling/excluding selected projects

To select one or more projects click anywhere in the row except the two left-hand columns. To select several projects use the typical Windows mouse/key combinations:

a single click selects (and highlights) only the clicked record (and deselects any other selected records)
click+Ctrl  adds the clicked record to any existing selection OR de-selects the record if already selected
click+Shift  selects one or more records that are positioned between any already selected record(s) and the record clicked last
To de-select all: click one record, then click again with Ctrl  pressed.


TIP   As soon as one or more projects have been selected two buttons will appear in the main menu, offering to either display exclusively the selected records or to exclude them from the list.


Calling Sub-Projects from a Project Row

Each project row displays a little gray button displaying the number of sub-projects to this projects. Clicking on this button will open the SP list in a popup box, allowing to navigate to any sub-project which will open in a new window.


Displaying projects in groups

Clicking on the column titles in the project list will sort the listed records to the field or column just selected.  Some of the column titles appear as a : when you click these you will see the list not only sorted but the records appear in groups as per  the column clicked, with turnover subtotals shown in each group header. Possible grouping criteria are: client, status, project manager, month.


Sales totals for all projects listed

The footer area displays turnover and cost figures for the projects listed.

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