Project list (Classic)

List views of Projects offer numerous functions for organising, selecting, evaluating, printing or exporting project data.

In TOM 13 a new project list  has been added as an option.



Damit stehen insgesamt drei Projektübersichten zur Verfügung.


Classic List


Extended List (new)


Sub-Project List
... was optimized in many details.



In order to open a specific project from the project list click the Project number (first column in each table row).


Filtering the list

There are several types of call to find specific projects:


Status Filter

Open / Completed / Open/Compl. / Invoiced / Templates / All
Please note that each of these calls is further determined by the active  User filter  (see below)

Period Filter

Monthly / Quarterly / Annually .

1. Select the period.

2. If required, change the user filter

3. Click on the arrow icon to launch the query.


Client filter (plus Status)

Click on a client name in the list to open a menu offering to call the open, completed or all projects  with this client. Here no user filter is applied !


Show last x projects

Displays the last created projects in the numbers you specify. You can make a default setting for this number under  Start Options .

The user filter is applied here.


Selecting projects and calling/excluding selected projects

To apply a filter select one or more projects click anywhere in the row except the two left-hand columns. To select several projects use the typical Windows mouse/key combinations click on the

a single click selects (and highlights) only the clicked record (and deselects any other selected records)
click+Ctrl  adds the clicked record to any existing selection OR de-selects the record if already selected
click+Shift  selects one or more records that are positioned between any already selected record(s) and the record clicked last
To de-select all: click one record, then click again with Ctrl  pressed.


As soon as one or more projects have been selected two buttons Show selected and Omit selected will appear in the main icon bar, offering to either display exclusively the selected records or to exclude them from the list.


Displaying sorted and grouped project interviews

The Column headers in the project list offer a sorting function so that you can easily oversee, e.g., projects by project manager . Those column headers are shown as  BUTTONS : clicking on this button (such as ) not only sorts a list but also groups projects with sub-summaries.


Displaying Totals

In the footer area sales, cost and margin of the projects listed.

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