New project Step 1: General information

How do you create a new project?

While in the Project management section: single-project view or project list . Click the plus icon new in the main icon bar.

In the main icon bar, sub menue: click the plus icon. newbar.zoom25

In any client profile select the function  New client project  from the  main icon bar.

You will be taken to the Input window.


Select a client:

TOM opens a selection box which you can filter by 1) initial letter, 2) a text string from the client name.

ll the other fields as required.


Option: Alternative invoice address

An entry in this field will be used as the invoice address. This may be useful for private (mostly one-time) translation customers who you do not want to register in the client module.

Note that an alternative client invoice address can be recorded in each Client profile.


The date entered here will initially be adopted in all sub-projects and can be edited there as required.

Source language

The Source language is not automatically the source language for all related sub-projects, instead the language code entered here is used as a default value for source languages in sub-projects where it can be edited if necessary. Please note that the combination (Source > Target) is essential for assigning translators and prices.

 Further options 

You can create and edit a project folder structure while in the input/edit screen.
You can create sub-projects (target languages, order items) using the SP Assistant. (You can create more sub-projects easily any time later.)
In connection with the SP Assistant you can auto-create sub-projects from an imported set of Trados Studio report files, or a single Across 5 report file (both must be in *.xml format).
To edit project data at a later time click the Edit button pen in the Single-project screen.
hmtoggle_plus1 SP Creator

The SP Creator is a tool to facilitate the creation of sub-projects. The multiple choice list draws its content from the drop-down list defined in Program Settings >Sources >Services/Articles .

To add a free entry simply type into the edit box (separate multiple entries by return).

Please note that there are several other ways of creating sub-projects!


New Project: Sub-projects