Creating a new project, Step 1: General information

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How to create a new project:

In the Project management area by clicking on the  + New  button in the main menu bar.
In the  Go to ...  menu choose  Projects >New  
In any client profile select the function  New client project  from the  Client  menu)


You will be taken to the Input window.


Selecting a client

The cursor jumps to the 'Client ID' field which opens a list of all clients from which to choose one.

Jump down this list by typing the client's initial and/or use the cursor to select it
You may as well escape this list and type in the client ID in case you know it by heart.
For a more detailed search click on the magnifying glass icon.

Fill the other fields as required.



The date entered here will initially be adopted in all sub-projects and can be edited there as required.


 Please note 

You can use Project templates to speed up the creation of projects/sub-projects.
The Source language is not automatically the source language for all related sub-projects, but is only used to automate the input of source languages in sub-projects.
You can create and edit the project folder structure while in the input/edit screen.
You can create sub-projects (target languages, order items) using the SP Assistant. (You can create more sub-projects easily any time later.)
In connection with the SP Assistant you can auto-create sub-projects from an imported set of Trados Studio report files, or a single Across 5 report file (both must be in *.xml format).
To edit project data at a later time click edit_med  in the Single-project screen.


New project, Step 2: Creating sub-projects