New project Step 2: Creating Sub-Projects (target languages)

[Note: If you are not clear about the purpose and function of sub-projects please click here .]

You are still in the Project input screen. You now have several options for adding target languages and other order items (sub-projects).

Use the Sub-Project Assistant (still in the Project Input screen) to create sub-projects
Quit the project data input screen to return to single-project view. You now have three options:


In Single Project View

Quit the project input window to return to the Single project screen where the sub-project list is displayed in the main screen. You now have two options:

Option 1: Click on the Plus icon above the SP table. new_sp
The sub-project opens in a new window where you can select a translator, create translation assignments, manage deadlines and prices.

Option 2: If you activate the option Do no open new TP you will simply see a new SP row added to the table. Here you  can edit essential SP data separately for client, translator, reviewer.  Bezeichnung, Termine und Preise eintragen. Sie können in einer weiteren Eingabebox auch eine Übersetzerauswahl treffen und alle für die Auftragsbearbeitung wesentlichen Daten eintragen. Klicken Sie dazu auf das Icon in der rechten oberen Ecke der Teilprojekt-Tabelle.

 Please note 

TOM generates links with client and translator price entries from the source/target language combinations!
The client deadline will be copied from the main project into the sub-project.
The translator deadline is automatically set to 1 day before the client deadline. However, you have the option of NOT COPYING the translator deadline at all: activate this option in Program Settings >ProjManagement.


Selecting translators and proofreaders for a project

New Project Step 1