Creating a new project, Step 2: Sub-project(s)

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[Note: If you are not clear about the purpose and function of sub-projects please click here .]

You are still in the Project input screen. You now have several options for adding target languages and other order items (sub-projects).

Use the Sub-Project Assistant (still in the Project Input screen) to create sub-projects
End project data input to return to Single-project view (direct jump to SP List possible). You now have three options:
Option 1: Click  Add sub-project   at the top of the SP section in the single-project window.
The sub-project opens in a separate window for translator selection, purchase order forms, deadlines and price entry.
Option 2: Prior to Option 1, activate Do not open new SP . This will cause empty lines to be added to the SP table, prompting you to add text, deadlines and prices right in the main project screen, quickening the whole process. You cannot, however, select translators here for the job. To continue with this you may as an option navigate to the SP List (see Option 3). To do so click on the icon in the right top corner in the sub-project section.
Option 3: Navigate to the SP List directly by selecting this option before quitting the project input screen. where you can run all project processing functions without opening each SP individually in seperate windows.


 Please note 

TOM generates links with client and translator price entries from the source/target language combinations!
The client deadline will be copied from the main project into the sub-project.
The translator deadline is automatically set to 1 day before the client deadline


Selecting translators and proofreaders for a project

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