Project statistics and reporting

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There are many options for evaluating your project figures.

First of all, there is the simple method of grouping projects and displaying subtotals by simply sorting projects (see Project grouping.
To enter the main reporting screen open the  Projects  menu and  Reports  .


There are three types of reports:


1. Detailed reports (text only)

Displays all projects currently listed in the Project overview; the report can print these in groups (showing sub-totals for each group) or ungrouped as one undivided list. There are different criteria for categories by which projects may be grouped:

Project manager
Projects with sub-projects
Sub-project (target language)
Product groups


2. Balances reports (text only)

Only the sum totals - e.g. cumulated client sales figures - are displayed.

Please note: This feature requires a valid path defined as Export path in User Settings/Forms.


3. Charts

Some requirements for displaying charts:

This function depends on a valid 'Export' path (same as for "Balances lists" above).
Make sure that there is a sub-folder ' ...\Charts ' (automatically created during TOM installation) in your TOM or FileMaker Pro folder.
For the charts to display correctly an up-to-date Adobe FlashPlayer is required on your system (free download)
The charts in TOM are based on two types of project selections:
1.) the projects currently listed in the project list. E.g., display a top-10-clients list within the selected period of time.
Make sure to type in an appropriate report headline in this case!
2.) display projects on the basis of the YEAR(S) offered in the Charts tab. This option will produce a month-wise chart.
The report headline must not contain any slashes ( / ) !