Time Recording

The time reporting feature allows you to record accurately and easily the times spent on project work. The results can be analysed and used in cost and efficiency calculations. Time sessions can also be launched from te open-projects portal in the Start screen.

Start / Stop time recording

In the Time Recording window click . The current time is now inserted into the first free table row and a pause symbol appears allowing you to interrupt the session and re-start it any time without having to start a new session. Clicking on will end this session, insert the current time and calculate the duration.

Two information fields provide information on the nature of that time recording session: category and activity. These fields can be filled during or after the time recording session. The sessions can be evaluated by category in the Time reporting printout.

Manual editing of recorded times

If an error occured in the automatic time recording (forgotten sessions etc.) you can change the recorded session time manually.

First, at the top of the times table enter the time value as number of minutes that you want to add to or subtract (-) from the recorded duration
click on the little pencil icon which you find at the end of each table row.


Cost calculation

You can use the time reporting feature for the following:

to calculate project management costs (project and/or sub-project level)
to assess work efficiency for each sub-project


Calculating management cost for the main project

TOM regards all sessions to which NO SUB-PROJECT has been assigned as time spent on general project management and as a factor in calculating the main project cost. The hourly rate for the project manager is taken as a base in the calculation. (The hourly rate is specified in the user profile.) However, the rate can be adapted manually if needed. Clicking on the blue arrow button activates the calculated amount in the project cost calculation.


Assigning time sessions to specific sub-projects

This function allows you to apply the recorded times to calculate management times for specific sub-projects. Simply select a sub-project in any row of the times chart. The SP portal at the bottom of the screen then shows the duration. Enter an hourly rate manually, then click the blue arrow button to have TOM calculate the cost.