Project Management

The Project Management module is the center of activities in TOM, and linked to all other program sections.

Projects are managed on two levels: (main) project and related sub-projects.

hmtoggle_arrow1Structure of projects

Related to a client order or project are order positions, the so-called sub-projects in TOM.  Typical sub-projects are, e.g.:

different target languages
several documents into one or more languages
DTP or other services
additional costs like postage and packing

The project level provides general project information and features like e-mail communication, folder management, invoicing etc., but also rarer functions such as time recording, text counting, problem management. Prices and deadlines are managed on sub-project level.



The sub-project level is described here. This chapter describes the project level.


Projects are managed in the following views primarily:

The Project List provides overview and many filters and selection features. It is often used
- to navigate to more detailed project information during order processing
- to gain statistical and business information
For more information read here: Project list
The Input/edit view is a protected area for creating new projects and editing existing ones.
Read more: Create new project Sub-project Assistant Edit / Cancel / Delete a project   Project templates Edit / Cancel / Delete a project
The Single-project view
- displays general data
- offers project processing routines (e-mail, project folder, invoicing etc.)
- edit some sub-project details
- access related sub-projects:
For more read Project functions ProjectMails Time recording Projects: 'Files'