Creating and sending e-mail circulars

Circulars are managed in the three sections Content, Recipients, and Send. On entering the screen you will see a list of existing circulars on the left, and the Content section on the right.

Start creating a new circular by clicking on (top left).
Type in the message and add other parameters (purpose, target group etc.)
Note that you can, at this point, insert a placeholder for a personal salutation phrase.
If you intend to use TOM Mail to send the circular you have the option to add some html formatting to your text.


Selecting Recipients

In the top navigation bar click on  Recipients 

In an e-mail circular, selections of all recipient groups can be combined freely: Client staff, Clients, Translators and Marketing contacts. In the four recipients sections you will see all contacts that are currently selected for the circular.

To add contacts to the recipients list, or to edit an existing, list click . You will be directed to the respective program section - List view.
In the List view (client, translators etc.) add a contact to the current list by ticking the checkbox on the far right of each list row.
Choose  Circular Mail  from the main icon bar to return to the Circulars section.


Distribution lists

To save distribution lists go to the  Send  section. Click on . Provide a unique name. You cannot  edit a saved distribution list, but can only delete it.

So the procedure for updating a distribution might look like this:

load a list
edit it
save it under a new name
delete the old one


Personal and general salutations

You can insert a general salutation phrase for clients, translators or other contact group, in one go. Simply enter the phrase and click . You have to do this for each recipient group separately.


When addressing Client staff, however, you can include their names as well. This requires defining the following parameters:

male / female: This option must have been set in their profile!
first name vs. family name
wording (depending on name option chosen!)

To insert the phrase click


Individual salutation phrase

For an even more personal salutation you can define a complete individual salutation phrase for each client, translator or other contact in their respective profile. This will have priority when launching 'Set salutation line' function, i.e. only contacts WITHOUT a fixed salutation phrase will be assigned the general (yet personal) salutation line while the individual salutation line gets inserted where possible.

Sending the e-mail circular

Click  Send  in the sub-navigation bar (at the top).

You can send the e-mail circular an external e-mail client.

Single e-mail message (BCC) using external mail client: as above, but the message is directly opened in Outlook, Thunderbird etc. Your default mail setting decides whether a complete text mail is created or one where you have to insert the body text from the clipboard (Ctrl+V). The be´nefit of this is that you preserve text formatting as well as the layout settings in your mail client. For more information read e-mail settings.