Sub-Project Overview

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This overview displays sub-projects in their project context and is far more detailed than the Project list. Many project work tasks can be performed here.


To access the sub-project list select Sub-projects  from the  Go to ... menu
While in other screens in the project management area click this icon: TP_liste
- While in single-project view this will automatically show the related sub-project.
- While in project list you will call all sub-projects related to all projects currently listed if the Shift key is held. Otherwise the last found set is displayed
You can make a default setting (see  Start Options   button in Start screen) to automatically open the SP List on launching TOM.

Project work

The SP List provides many processing features: translator selection, job assignments, price and deadline entries. Especially when a large number of sub-projects need to be attended to this is the ideal environment and is much more direct and efficeint to work with than opening SPs in a separate window.


Batch functions

The  Sub-projects  menu offes time-saving batch functions.

Select default translators: inserts the assigned default translator with the highest priority (if assigned) into each listed sub-project.
Assign Studio xml files and create TOM analyses (only Trados Studio). Use this feature to quickly create a large number of TM projects in TOM.
Open the folder containing the xml files.
Execute the above command. You will see a little window showing the first sub-project.
Drag and drop the appropriate xml analysis file into this window. TOM will record the file path and jump to the next subproject.
Repeat this process until you have reached the last sub-project. At that point TOM will automatically use the stored file path information to create TM analyses for each sub-project in one go.



 Select ...  menu

1. Status filters:

Action required  is assumed under the following conditions: (open) deadline CL/TR/PRR today or past; job to TR/PRR not yet confirmed (provided the option is set); job to TR/PRR not yet sent despite an existing deadline.
Deadline today displays all SPs with an open deadline (CL, TR or PRR) today
Open sub-projects  displays all SPs not yet delivered to the client
Open projects  displays all SPs related to open projects
Completed projects  displays all SPs related to completed projects (e.g. to prepare invoicing)


The last call is indicated in the main menu bar and can be repeated by clicking the button in the menu bar.


2. Periodical call

The defined period is used for a search on project level; all related sub-projects will be displayed.


3. Detail search

see the SP example under Finding projects

Total sales

The footer area displays turnover and cost figures for the sub-projects listed. You will also find the total of units (e.g. no. of words translated, and weighted units, in case you use the TM calculator in TOM.


Data export and statistics

Click  Export listed records    in the  Sub-projects   menu to enter the exporting screen for sub-projects. For more information read here.
Menu item  Reports   takes you to the reporting section (project level)
All report formats offered here rely on currently listed projects!


Navigation options

Navigate to project (single-project view) by clicking on the project name left
Navigate to sub-project (in new window) by clicking on the sub-project name
Navigate to / Create a new TM project by clicking on the TM icon
Navigate to client/translator/proofreader profile
Collapse / uncollapse a project (i.e. hide or display sub-projects by clicking the plus/minus icon)
Exclude all other projects from list by clicking the "dot" icon