Sub-project wording and additional information on invoice

The sub-project name appears on invoices and on other forms and may include up to three lines of text.

A language pair 'DE-IT' will automatically be converted to "German-Italian" on the invoice.
While editing a language-pair SP extra wording needs to be added in a separate text field (see below).


Adapting the SP wording


TOM requires language codes to identify languages and make the necessary connections with price charts, translators etc. Therefore the field containing the language code cannot be modified, which can sometimes be a problem.

Example: Different text types, e.g. a tech sheet and a brochure, are to be translated into one and the same target language. You want to create two sub-projects for this. Since both SPs have the same target language, how to differentiate them on the invoice? Therefore you want to add a phrase, e.g. "English-Italian / TechSheet" and "English-Italian / Brochure".

In the SP edit screen, click button in the blue title bar then click on the pen icon pen_dark to insert the desired wording .

By doing so all internal links with client and translator prices etc. remain intact while the invoice reads "English-Italian / TechSheet" etc.


Adding extra information

You can add even larger amounts of extra information to your invoices, e.g. TM details or working hours.

Again, in the SP edit screen, click .
Click inv_note3 to enter free text into a dialog box. The phrase will be displayed over the full width of the invoice page and may comprise up to three lines.


Adapting the language of language names

In the automatic conversion of language codes into language names the default form language is used. E.g., if the default language is English, EN will be converted to English while if it were French EN would be converted to Anglais. To define any language as default go to  Program Settings >Sources >Languages :  click on the column header to make a language the default language.

Now, not all of your clients may be based in countries where your default language would be understood easily. While most of your clients might be English speaking there may be a small number of them in France (e.g.) who would like to see the wording Allemand-Français on their invoices rather than German-French. You can define a client-specific language wording in each client profile, 2nd register card of the input screen.