Sub-projects - Creating translation/proofreading assignments

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Purchase orders to external translators and reviewers/proofreaders can be generated in print or pdf, as an e-mail message, or as an e-mail with an attached pdf file.

You can either

(1) generate a mail text directly from existing order data, edit it in the e-mail window and finally send it OR

(2) complete/adapt the order information first in a separate job form. This

The procedure described for translators below applies in the same way to proofreading assignments.


(1) Send P.O. E-Mail (text-only)

This function uses the text labels that you have defined in the form templates in UserSettings - Forms and assigned to the selected translator in her profile.

You can adapt the information in the e-mail window.

When using the 'attach pdf' option to send a previously created PDF file with the e-mail you can have a default text (defined in User Settings) automatically inserted into the e-mail.


(2) Printed Job Assignment

In the sub-project click on > . You will be directed to the job assignment form.
The Form labels are generated from the template assigned to the translator.
The Form content is automatically generated from the existing SP data, to be further edited in this screen.
If the translator is an agency: include the contact person in charge of this project and/or the department as addressee by clicking the checkbox.
Now click the Print button. In addition to hardcopy printing TOM can also create a pdf copy if you have set the User option accordingly.
You also have "print only PDF" option. The pdf file will be stored in the TOM Documents folder ...\(name = project/sub-project ID), a link to this file is stored in TOM.

Printing several jobs in one order form

You can print several job orders (to the same translator/proofreader) in one form.

First, check the sub-projects you want to pool in the list of available jobs at the bottom of the screen.
Then click the PRINT button bottom right.
Make sure that each of the sub-projects included has full order information.


Using Client's General Job Instructions and Standard Phrases

Open the popup boxes to drag the text elements into the job assignment.