Sub-projects - Select a translator

Translators and Reviewers (suppliers) can be selected in Single-project view , in the Sub-project window or in the Sub-project list .  


Selection options

1.Dropdown list: The list offers all translators with the same language pair as in the current sub-project (source/target language)!
2.Type the Translator ID into the field.
3.Default translator: Click on the icon or name (if any). You can define default translators for any client in the client profile (see also Default vs Preferred translators)
4.Use the Filter Search Portal which opens in a new window and uses freely selectable search criteria.


View Translator information

When there is important information about a selected translator's availability (entry in the availability notice field, or other concurrent projects, the "i" icon will appear highlighted. Click on it to display this information.


View supplier profile

Click on the magnifying glass icon to view a selected translator's profile.