Special projects: One SP to multiple translators

Use this function to handle rush orders and/or very large orders that one translator alone cannot handle.

The generated sub-projects will not appear on the invoice.


Let us assume there are 50 pages to be translated until the next day. Five translators are to be involved in this job.

1.Create a standard sub-project with the (client-related) order details.
2.Create five more sub-projects, and in all of them check the option "Special project". (Use the Duplicate function for this.)
3.On the translation assignment form, you may want to adjust the sub-project title, e.g.  "EN-DE, pages 5 - 9 / 10 -14" etc. as required.
4.Special projects are treated as normal sub-projects in terms of status messages, delivery deadlines etc. However,
- such sub-projects do not appear on the invoice
- any client prices entered here are not included in the calculation of the invoice amount.
5.Finally, enter the client price in the standard sub-project.