Start window (dashboard)

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Start window

You can define your initial screen when launching TOM:

- The Start screen itself comes with 4 options:

 - list of deadlines and appointments or
 - day view, displaying times or
 - week view or
 - open projects or

- Open projects in Projects list view

- Open sub-projects in Sub-Projects list view

To define the default setting go to Start options   (Start screen / main menu bar) or in IntStaff settings.


Various settings

The Start screen has settings for:

toggling the project and deadlines view between 1.current user  2.any other user  3.all users
toggling the window mode (1 <> 2 windows)
re-log in as another user
set the Start options (see above) for current user


Deadlines & Memos, Day List

Displays to kinds of entries: automatically created deadlines in sub-projects and custom, general memos and appointments for the day.

Click on a sub-project deadline to open the sub-project.
Click on  New appointment  to add a general memo and enter Date, Time and Text ein.
Click on the magnifying glass to edit a memo. When setting it Complete the entry will disappear from the deadline list  and will turn gray in the graphic day view (see below).
Past memos will automatically appear on every following day as long as they are not deleted  nor set to "compelete"!
Click the arrows right / left to browse calendar days.


Deadlines / memos, graphic day view

Displays deadlines and memos in a larger view with additional status colors for past entries.


Deadlines / memos, graphic week view (15 days)

Displays deadlines and memos over 15 days with additional status colors for past entries.

To navigate to a particular entry from Week view: Click on a Date at the top to first change to Day view. From there show the resp. entry.
Click the arrows right / left to browse calendar days.