Each project must include at least 1 sub-project
Project prices are managed in sub-projects (they are merely summarized in the main project).
Project deadlines are managed in sub-projects; the project deadline is a more general type of information.
The number of possible sub-projects in a project is theoretically unlimited. Typical sub-projects are: different language combinations in a translation project; additional jobs like formatting, proofreading etc. but also cost (invoicing) items such as postage.


Structure of sub-projects

Each sub-project is divided into three sections with regard to deadlines and prices:

Client section
Translator section  
Reviewer section (can be handled flexibly for other types of jobs, such as interpreting)

Create a sub-project:

during main project data input, using the Sub-Project Assistant
from within the single-project screen (Add sub-project)
from within another sub-project in the SP window  (Add/Duplicate sub-project)
in the sub-project list  (SP popup box)



Access & editing

from within the single-project screen (popups in sub-project list)
in a separate sub-project window  
in the sub-project list