Integrating translators and reviewers in a TM Project

Each TM project in TOM consists of

a Client Analysis
an optional Translator Analysis
an optional Reviewer Analysis

The importing of the TM analysis report will automatically be processed using the TM data stored with the client profile. The same imported report file is used to automatically calculate translator/proofreader prices as well, in accordance with the TM data stored in their profiles.

TOM will automatically run the calc for the translator selected in the sub-project. When you change the translator there, or delete it, TOM will reflect this the next time you open the TM window.


No translator in offers

When running an analysis related to an offer this cannot work. However, for cost calculation purposes you can add a translator (not a proofreader) in the TM window itself manually.


Translator / Proofreader Report

You want to send the analysis results including the total price to the translator. There are two ways of doing this:


Standard report in Print or PDF (Filemaker Pro required for auto-PDF): you can edit the report sheet (>Program settings >Source >TM Data... >Standard forms)
You can attach the standard report to a Translation Assignment PDF
Include the TM analysis in the Translation Assignment e-Mail
You need to formulate the e-mail template accordingly.