TM Report Options

TOM offers a flexible reporting scheme through which pricing information can be displayed in a flexible manner.

hmtoggle_folder1        Standard report format

This method is available for both clients and translators. The standard report calculates and presents the original TM analysis. The (automatically generated) descriptive text is user-defined in  >Program settings > Tools >TM Settings >Standard Forms.

In the main TM screen (displaying the import results) click on the  or the  button (PDF creation only with FileMaker Pro!). TOM now prints the original TM results with all match categories. There are some additional options_

In a Trados project you have the option of printing the table with or without the original import results per translation file.
You can attach the pdf file to invoices, offers, P.O.s
You can attach the PDF file directly to another PDF (this works for Translation Assignments  and for offers).


Note: Automatic PDF path

You can auto-save the PDF file either in a subfolder within the project folder:
enter the folder name under >Program settings >Tools >TM Settings >General


save it in TOM's general folder for TM Reports: a subfolder within the Documents  folder , see >Program settings >Forms

hmtoggle_folder1        Individual report format

Custom reporting is available only for clients. It allows you to

combine & summarize the original Trados and Across match categories in any way you like
name those custom categories in any way you like
convey that information to your clients in various ways

The purpose of custom reporting is to provide customers with easy-to-understand and easy-to-convey background information on how the price was calculated and what the financial benefit of the TM system amounts to.

You can thereby simplify and ultimately replace the hardly understandable and not easily conveyable original TM analysis without having to compromise in terms of the accuracy of the calculation.

The basic idea is to 'melt down' and summarize the original match categories into fewer categories. The price calculation are always based on the original categories, but the results are presented through custom categories.


Using custom reports in the TM screen

The custom report section is at the bottom of the TM window (client side).

Click to view the consolidated custom report figures.
Click    OR

(both with PDF-only option)


Generating additional information for Invoices and Offers

Click this button inv_note2 to generate report text as you have defined it in Program settings >Tools>TM Settings, insert it into the extra-info text field for the related sub-project and display it in a dialog box for control and for possibly further editing. It will appear under the related sub-project on your invoice/offer.
 NOTE  If you need to re-generate that text (e.g. after the analysis has changed) you have to:
+ click on the above button again
+ delete the entire text in the dialog box
+ close the dialog and click that button once again


Note that

the parameters for this report are initially defined in Program settings >Tools >TM Specs, from where they are passed on to the TM module through the client profiles
the text elements in this report are related to a form template, so you could switch between different languages, as an example
TOM calculates the report results in the background while importing the TM analysis and calculating the prices.




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