Functions in single-profile view

A translator's Profile is sub-divided into six screens which can be accessed using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. It displays client information and offers various functions related to it.

The Main icon bar  offers the basic functions for

creating new translator profiles
editing existing ones
searching for other profiles


The following describes specific functions to be found in the six views:


Editing translator details

Click the Edit button. You will be directed to the input screen. See also Translator data input.


Availability and vacation entries

The information entered here will be shown in the sub-project window once a translator has been selected for a project. You can thereby decide whether or not s/he is available to work on the project .


Phone dialling

Call dialling function


Up to three e-mail addresses can be maintained and used in e-mail traffic with a supplier.



Offers Skype calls through TOM (see Skype )



see Chapter Correspondence


List of projects (jobs) done

Filter projects by periods
Navigate to sub-projects
Display turnover totals
Display all project notes in one overview
Display the average quality rating


Booking translator fees

Please read HERE for a detailed description