Managing Supplier Fees

This feature gives you full control over your cost management with regard to the fees you are owing and paying your freelance translators and other suppliers

The Fees section in the supplier profile lists all fees (extracted from sub-projects) that have not yet been invoiced by the supplier, or in other words, that have not been marked as booked in the sub-project.

This is very useful in order to:

keep control of incoming supplier invoices
keep control of liabilities not yet included in the Finance section
automate the creation of incoming invoice booking items in the Finance section

Open Fees Overview

In addition to the Fees view in a single supplier profile you can also find an overview of ALL open fees (to go there click the button in the Icon Bar in List view). This overview offers, as an administrative function, to set ALL unbooked fees to booked (e.g. as a starting point for a TOM user to begin working with this feature).


Status 'Client invoice paid'

The colors in the open fees list list tell you:

whether the sub-projects shown in the list have been invoiced to the client yet: color is yellow.
whether the client has already paid: color is green
not yet invoiced: no color.


Booking fees

The Open fees list for a single supplier shows all sub-projects done by this supplier that have not been marked as booked. (It is divided into a list showing translation jobs and another one showing review jobs.)

Explanation: each sub-project has a checkbox to indicate whether the translator/reviewer fee has been invoiced or not. In the sub-project window you will find this checkbox underneath the price field. This function will set this checkbox to *booked* with just one click after you have verified correctness.


Step 1: Control

You have received the invoice from the translator and need to check the correctness of the amounts. To do so:

In the list of SPs, mark the sub-project items (checkbox) as they correspond with the items on the invoice you received
Click (bottom).

TOM calculates the total amount and displays it at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Final booking and sending an invoice item to the Finances section in TOM

After verifying the total amount (should match the invoice amount the translator has sent) you can transfer this information to the Finances section as a new incoming invoice:

Click . You have the opportunity to add remarks such as an invoice number.

TOM has now set the *booked* status in the sub-project.

You will find the newly created finance item

in Finances >Translator invoices and
in translator profile > Fees >Booked Fees  sub-tab). Here you can also Print the invoice items.