Translator data input

To create a new client profile click new in any existing Translator profile, in the Translator List, or in the sub-menue in the main icon bar.

The input window is sub-divided into five sections:

hmtoggle_arrow1 Contact

Contact data

This section is quite self-explanatory.


... whether the person is to be recognized as a Translator, a Reviewer, an Interpreter or a General Supplier. This is mainly used as a filter for selecting translators.



Whether a translator is Active or has Application status (with the possible information about a test translation having been done). Two more types of status are Non grata (don't give this person a job) and De-activated (if a person died, retired, has changed the profession etc.)



Other important information can be recorded:

Is this an Agency or a Freelancer?
Is s/he collaborating in a team to possibly handle larger projects?
Has s/he signed your general terms and conditions?


Address format

see Program settings - Address format


'Comment' field

One of two comment fields. This one cannot be edited in view mode, another one is freely editable in view mode.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Languages

Working languages

Use the Languages table to keep a list of working languages and details such as qualifications etc. Important are the following checkboxes:

Active means "possible target language".
Even if mother tongue is activated you need to check "active" if you want a language be understood as "possible target language".
Passive means "only source language" and automatically applies to all languages not set to "active".

From the active/passive settings TOM will generate suggestions for language combinations that will show up in a dropdown list in the price table just below the languages table (see next paragraph).


Price chart

The entries in this table are fully integrated into the Project Management. These are the options:

Language pair / Service

When a Language pair is entered here (e.g. ES-DE), this Translator will be shown in a dropdown list in the Project Management, whenever a language pair "ES (source lang) - DE (target lang)" is created there. Also terms like "Layouting" will be identified identified in sub-projects, whenever a sub-project is named "Layouting".


Shown as additional information along with the price in sub-projects.
Price entry

The price entry is shown in the field "Unit price" in sub-projects, once the translator has been selected for the project.

'Preferred translator'

This can be used as a filter in sub-projects to offer only translators marked as "Preferred" for a particular language pair or service. (For more information read Default translators vs Preferred translator.)

Note: The filter can be activated by default. To activate it go to Program settings  >Project Management .



Enter the pricing unit here (line/word). Default value is the one stated in Program settings. You may also enter e.g. "Hour" here.

The dropdown list in this field can be edited in the Program settings - Projects.


Average characters per word ("Aver.")

Used in automatic conversion of line-based prices to word-based prices.


T / Misc

The default value checked is _T_ for Translation: the price will be offered in the Translation section in sub-projects.

If you want this price entry to be offered in the Miscellaneous Orders section as well check the "Misc" box.
You can check only one, or both options.


Eff. Price

The "Effective Price" shows the original translator price converted to one's own currency and pricing unit. See Effective Price

hmtoggle_arrow1 Professional


Choose from the list of subjects or technical fields that you have defined and edited under Program settings - Sources. The entries here are not used as filters in project management but are useful in translator searches.

To copy a subject into the translator profile click the arrow button.


Qualifications / References / Software / Miscellaneous

Use the Software field to enter the TM systems a translator offers.
These can be used in translator filter searches.


Form templates

If required, assign a template different from the standard template to the translator, see Form templates


Distribution list

Add this translator to one or more distribution lists (mailing lists).

hmtoggle_arrow1 Financial / Misc.

Currency & VAT rate

The currency entered here, including the conversion rate, is used in the Project Management to automatically convert a translator price (which may have been agreed in a currency different from yours) into your own currency. You can thereby calculate your effective costs even while projects are in process. Also, this allows for an immediate calculation of effective translator prices without having to convert the prices into your own currency first.

The VAT rate entered here is for

general information and
for use in the processing of translator fees.


Hourly rate / Minimum rate / Interpreter fees

These values are automatically copied from Program settings and can be edited here.


Financial accounts

The financial accounts entered here are used in the translator fees function in which they are transferred to the Finances. The default values are copied from Program settings / General/Finances

hmtoggle_arrow1 TM Settings

You can define variances to the standard price scheme in specific TM systems. These will be used to calculate prices from TM reports. The default values are defined in Program settings (>Tools >TMs). Read more here.