Translators List View


You can switch between two views here, General  and Turnover:


hmtoggle_arrow0Toggle views

1. List displaying contact data

Choose translators for data export and for global functions.
Find specific translators and open Detail view.


2. List displaying annual sales figures

Use this view to know about translators with top sales and those with weak or no annual turnover.

Example of usage:

Start by performing a detail search, finding all translators that have done jobs in a certain year: enter  the Year, and in Turnover enter >1; press Perform Search.
Switch to to Turnover view and sort the list by turnover for a better overview
Export the list (e.g. for a mailing campaign)



Both views also display

a possible assignment to a current Circular distribution list. Click on PLUS / MINUS in the column title to add ALL listed records to the list, or to remove them from the list.


hmtoggle_arrow1Finding and selecting sets of translators

1. Filter the suppliers list by their initial

2. Perform a detailed search

3. Save found sets:
- Save current selection
- Load current selection
- Delete current selection

Selecting suppliers in list; call/exclude selected

To select one or more translators click anywhere in the list row. To select several translators use the typical Windows mouse/key combinations:

a single click selects (and highlights) only the clicked record (and deselects any other selected records)
click+Ctrl  adds the clicked record to any existing selection OR de-selects the record if already selected
click+Shift  selects one or more records that are positioned between any already selected record(s) and the record clicked last
To de-select all: click one record, then click again with Ctrl  pressed.


TIP  As soon as one or more translators have been selected two buttons will appear in the main menu, offering to either display exclusively the selected records or to exclude them from the list.


hmtoggle_arrow0Buttons in the main icon bar
Show all open fees read here
Export selected records: read here
Circular (mails): navigates to the Circulars module, usually after a selection has been made for the distribution list