Finding translators through Filter Search; Sending group e-mail enquiries

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Like in other areas you can perform a Quick Search  or a Detail search to find translators by a variety of search criteria such as languages offered, specialization etc.

There is yet another search screen to help you find translators quickly - the so-called Filter Search. This search portal is linked with project management to allow you adding found translators directly to ongoing projects. You can also generate group e-mails, e.g. to launch availability inquiries to a number of translators you would like to involve.


To define the enquiry template for offers and projects go to
>User Settings >Forms >E-Mail >Standard phrase Inquiry (sub-project) / (offer) 


Accessing the Filter Portal
Click SearchFilt to start a filter search. Depending on the program area from where you came note the following details:

When launched from a sub-project or SP List:
- the SP language pair will automatically be inserted as language pair filter
- clicking on the 'language pair' label will insert the SP language pair again if needed
- you can use the translator portal to generate a group e-mail enquiry to selected translators (see below)
- a selected translator can be included in the sub-project
When launched from an offer:
- you can use the translator portal to generate a group e-mail enquiry to selected translators (see below)
When launched from the Translators area:
- the set of translators in the filtered list can be copied to the general List view for further processing.


How to use the Filter portal

Click SearchFilt to start the filter search
Be aware of the pre-selection: status and function filters (top left); e.g. "display only Interpreters" or "display only active"
Set the more specific filters such as specialization, software used etc. by typing into the filter fields.
In the now filtered list, look at the displayed translator details to find exactly the one(s) you are looking for.
- Click on any row to view more details (such as prices or ongoing jobs by a certain translator).
- Navigate to a certain translator profile for viewing and on-the-fly editing her profile.
When you have decided on who to use in a (sub-) project click that row in the portal, and in the popup box click .
When coming from a translator screen click  if e.g. you want to perform a data export for the current selection.


Generating group e-mail

On many occasions you will want to offer a job to a number of translators, looking for someone who can best meet certain job requirements such as a tough deadline or special software.

You can easily generate an enquiry from the translator filter portal to as many translators as you wish.
You can generate the enquiry in the form of single e-mails, one to each, or as just one e-mail with all selected translators as BCC recipients and the project manager's e-mail address as main address (not TOM Mail).
When launched from a sub-project or offer you have the option of automatic insertion of project or offer data.



Click the minus icon (column title at top right of the portal) to clear any previous e-mail selection (which may not be visible)
Set the filters as needed to arrive at a manageable number of translators in the list
Select those you want to send out the enquiry to.
Click the button at the top right of the portal to open a little menu offering:
- to generate a general i.e. empty e-mail
- to generate a pre-designed e-mail with project or offer data. This follows the same pattern as other e-mail templates, but is not connected  to a particular form template (see above).
- to edit any e-mail text that has not been sent
In all three cases a new popup box with subject line and mail text field will open, allowing you to edit both.
To send the e-mail:
- click to create the e-mail messages in TOM's outbox, where you can view each message and decide whether to sen it through an external mail client or through TOM Mail.
- click to create ONE e-mail message in your standard e-mail client. Check the BCC field for correctness of the selected translators' addresses. Edit the text if needed, then send it off.