User interface

Window control

TOM 13 comes with a new, flexible window control. There is no longer ONE program window in which all other windows open  - rather you can now have open, scale and move any number of windows on your desktop. The window design itself has been adapted to modern system environments.

Hence it is now possible, e.g., to position the calendar or other overviews on a second monitor screen while the main work takes place in the first screen.

Note: Of course, some editing processes that open in separate windows require completion of the editing process before any other work can continue.

Window control in TOM obeys the following rules:

Detail views, such as client profiles, projects etc., open in separate windows
List views (clients, projects, etc.) open
1.from the Dashboard: in a new window
2.from another List view: in the same window,

  ... unless it is already open in another window.

The 'TOM Monitor' monitor.zoom15

More like a toolbox, this little window displays all TOM windows currently open for overview and easy navigation. It "floats" in the foreground. You can set TOM Monitor to be displayed on program start, or open it from the relevant icon in the icon bar in dashboard.


Mobile view optimization

Many TOM windows have a Zoom function specifically for display on small screens such as tablets. Hitting the respective button will size the window to a ratio of 1:1,25, and place it in the desktop so that the new dimensions are all visible