User interface

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You will find illustrations of  the most frequently used buttons on the Intro screen in the Start window.


Window splitting

You can either run TOM 11 either in full view (with one maximized window) or with a split screen (a main window and a side window similar to a navigation bar). You can switch between these modes anytime in the Start window and/or define a default setting (main menu bar)  under Start options .


Main menu bar

The main menu bar (black) contains

the main navigation in the  Go to ...  menu
further  <functional menus> 
specific functional buttons
record navigation (go to previous/next/first/last - only in single-record view)
quick search input field



The automatic 'dropdown on mouse-over'  feature can be deactivated under Start options.


Text menu bar

The standard Windows text menu bar in the program window contains more rarely used functions, and typical admistrative functions.

These menus can be opened by keyboard shortcut:

ALT    <1st letter of menu>  


Keyboard shortcuts

The menus in the Standard Windows menu bar also indicate keyboard shortcuts: e.g.. Quick Find  Ctrl + F  or New Record  Ctrl + N  .

More keyboard shortcuts on the next page.


Right-mouse-button menu

Contains standard functions such as New record or Edit record.