To enter the User Settings area


select the entry from the  Go to ...  menu, OR
from the  Administration  menu while in Start screen.


The User Settings section provides many options for customizing TOM.

The User Settings section can be protected by an Administrator password.



General / Master data: invoicing data, VAT rates, currencies, number/date format etc.

Projects: folder management, project processing options, quality rating, standard phrases, dropdown lists, database maintenance (projects/sub-projects)

Serial no.s/ID's: options for the automatic assignment of client/project IDs etc.

E-Mail settings/Address formats: address formats, printing, fonts

Office Staff: user management, user privileges management and password protection

Tools: TM pricing and reporting scheme, dictionaries, hardware / software, qualifications

Sources: price chart, languages/ISO codes, technical fields, article/services list, recurring expenditure items

Forms/Templates: layouts of letters and faxes, text shown on invoices, order confirmations, offers etc., e-mail templates