Program settings

To enter the Program settings area

click the  Settings   link in the  Administration  tile in Start screen/ Dashboard.


The Program Settings section provides many options for customizing TOM.

The Program settings section can be protected by an Administrator password.



General / Master data: invoicing data, VAT rates, currencies, number/date format etc.

Projects: folder management, project processing options, quality rating, standard phrases, dropdown lists, database maintenance (projects/sub-projects)

Serial no.s/ID's: options for the automatic assignment of client/project IDs etc.

E-Mail settings/Address formats: address formats, printing, fonts

Office Staff: user management, user privileges management and password protection

Tools: TM pricing and reporting scheme, dictionaries, hardware / software, qualifications

Sources: price chart, languages/ISO codes, technical fields, article/services list, recurring expenditure items

Forms/Templates: layouts of letters and faxes, text shown on invoices, order confirmations, offers etc., e-mail templates