Program settings - Internal staff (Project Managers)

Create user accounts and manage vital employee information. Assign specific user privileges.



On program start all user names will be offered for selection in a dialog box. If only ONE user account exists this dialog is suspended and the name is logged in automatically. There must always be at least one user account.


Adding and editing users

Go to >Program settings >IntStaff .
Click  Add  to enter a new user.
Click the  More  button in the list to enter the profile details (opens in a separate window)


Notes on user profile details

Photo (internal use only)
Signature: a scanned signature in .jpg/.gif/.bmp format to appear on invoices etc. (layout adaptation required)
Color highlighting: used in various lists. Use Drag&Drop to assign any color from the color palette.
Sending (e-mail) account: applies to TOM Mail only. From a dropdown list with accounts specified in TOM Mail, choose an account for the given user to send e-mail from as default. This option will override any other default account specified in TOM Mail.
Checkbox 'Automatic sending/receiving' activates the timed sending/receiving process in TOM Mail at program start for this user



User Privileges

Specific user privileges can be assigned to different members of staff, e.g. allowing the administrator to block a user from viewing sales margins, from accessing the finance section, or from deleting vital data from the system.

Pre-defined sets of user privileges (roles) can be used to facilitate the assignment of privileges. Just click on any of the roles and see for yourself how the options provided should be adapted to meet your needs.


Activating password check

To activate password control click this option. Make sure that all users have been assigned a user account!