Web applications

The Applications form allows freelance translators visiting your website to submit detailed application details to your agency. TOM provides an import scheme that allows you to insert the full application profile into a new supplier profile easily.

The data structure in the web form corresponds with the data structure in TOM, including languages list and language pairs / price list.
The file upload feature imports CVs and other reference documents into TOM.


For information regarding installation and configuration go here.


Processing an application in TOM

A scheduled query in TOM scans the web form for new applications.
Newly received applications can be accessed through a link in the  SUPPLIERS  tile on the dashboard.
After going through the application details there are three options to
In the screen  displaying the application there is a button  Create Translator from Application    to create a new translator profile in TOM.
If you would like to use the application at a later time you can keep the application as such in the database to query and use it if and when needed.