Web Inquiries

The inquiry form allows visitors to your website, i.e. potential customers, to place translation inquiries to your agency.

An inquiry can have multiple target languages and allows multiple files to be uploaded (insofar the mail server settings permit this).
The form data is received in TOM and can be turned into a quote by just a mouse click.


The form currently supports a German or English language interface.


Information regarding installation and configuration here.


Processing inquiries in TOM

A scheduled query in TOM scans the web form for new inquiries and imports them.

Newly received inquiries can be accessed through a link in the  QUOTES  tile on the dashboard. You can go through the details of the inquiry and download the uploaded documents before deciding to create a new quote. Before you can do so you will in most cases have to

Create a new client profile

To do so click on the  New Client  button in the Inquiry screen.


To create a new quote from the inquiry, click  Create Quote .