Web integration

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TOM offers php based web forms that feed the local database with information through an e-mail based interface:

Inquiries for translation jobs by clients and web visitors
Applications by freelance translators

These forms require no login on part of the web user and are freely accessible, comparable to a general 'contact' page integrated into the translation company's web pages. Jovosoft provides the php setup package and offers support with the integeration into the web pages.



The importing of web data into the local TOM database takes place through TOM's integrated mail module. An e-mail address needs to be registered with the e-mail provider to be scanned at regular intervals by TOM Mail.


How it works

When a web user pushes the Send button on the web page the php module will send an e-mail message to the agency's e-mail address; TOM will analyse the contents and store it in a special table.

TOM users will notice the receipt of an automated message in the Side window.
Click on the entry to see the received form data in a separate window.
The Project manager can then have TOM create the new quote, project or translator profile from the information in an instant.

Applications received from the web can also be stored to be used as a resources database.