Web Extensions

TOM 13 is capable of working with web data in several areas, i.e. it receives and processes data from web sources.

Important configuration and access data is defined in >Program settings >Web Tools.


Web Forms for receiving Inquiries and Freelancer Applications

Use these PHP based web forms to receive inquiries from visitors to your web site as well as detailed applications from freelancers, and to process these in TOM:

Inquiries (clients, prospects)
Applications (freelance translators)


FileSharing Tool

TOM Filesharing is used to boost file handling efficiency in the translation process. It provides full and highly  automated FTP capacity integrated into TOM's project management.



Client portal

The client portal is a modern business platform for the translation industry to manage orders, inquiries and invoices through data transfer between a PHP-based web application and the TOM network.

For more information visit the TOM website and/or contact Jovosoft