Client Detail View

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A client's Detail view is sub-divided into six screens which can be accessed using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. It displays client information and offers various functions related to it.

The  Client  menu in the main menu bar offers the basic functions for creating new client profiles and editing existing ones.

The  Select ...   menu offers search and filtering options to navigate to other profiles quickly..


The following describes specific functions to be found in the six views:


hmtoggle_arrow1        Basic ("Address")

Edit client details edit_med

Click the above button or select "Edit record" from the contect menu (right mouse button). You will be directed to the same window as as during profile creation. see also Client data input.

Create new client job

Create a new job in the  Client  menu.


Phone dialling

To use the Call dialling function in TOM efficiently it will be useful to keep the switchboard extension separate from the main phone number as you are keeping separate extensions for each staff member.


Up to three e-mail addresses can be maintained, with direct e-mail creation.



Offers Skype calls through TOM (see Skype )



see Chapter Correspondence


Client folder

Opens the folder.

hmtoggle_arrow1        Employees list

Use the employees list in each client profile to store any number of contacts within the company. Members of client staff can be phone called or e-mailed directly. Staff information is also relevant in the jobs module, e.g. in e-mail creation.

See also Staff list All Clients

hmtoggle_arrow1        Projects and Offers

View client jobs and offers that are listed periodically, including sales totals.

Navigate to specific jobs / offers.
View the Job Notes for this client.

hmtoggle_arrow1        Communication

Write letters and faxes: read more here
List of job mails (mainly if you are using TOM's own mail client)

hmtoggle_arrow1        Extras: Memos, Files, Receivables, Agreements


When telephoning with your client do not rely on your memory later, but look into the notes you have recorded in TOM.

Outstanding invoices

View all open invoices for this client and create a reminder that can include one or several of the open invoices. This reminder can be printed in MS Word only. (To learn about general reminders go here).

The reminder text draws on the corresponding template defined in >User Settings >Forms.



see Client data input


Documents (file links)

Establish direct links to important Client documents such as contractual agreements, process descriptions etc.