Demo copy, Ordering & Registration

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Demo copy

You can work in the full-featured demo version for 30 days. After this, you will be reminded each time you launch the program, and after 45 days from the date of the installation the ability to create new records is suspended.



Please order the single-user version of TOM and additional modules from or  send an informal e-mail with ordering details.

You will then receive an order confirmation with payment details by e-mail. After your payment has been received you will be sent your licence code by e-mail within a few days.


Payment from EU countries to be made by bank transfer if possible.
Payment from outside Europe by Paypal.



In the Start screen select  TOM licensing  from the  Administration  menu. Enter the registration code and your user name in the fields provided for this. Make sure you type the user name exactly as you have received. There must not be any hidden characters (blanks, returns)!