Finanzen: Grundfunktionen

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Filtering the items list

Open the  Client invoices  menu or the  Incoming invoices  menu for calling finance items by various criteria:

Open invoices: all items that have no entry in Payment date
Periodical: Month / Quarter / Year. After setting the period click on either "Invoices" or "Payments" !
Quick search: the search fields are text, invoice date, invoice no.
For a better overview use the Sorting functions: click on the column titles.

Add a new item manually

In Outgoing invoices: Choose  New item   from  Client invoices 

In the dialog box, enter an amount then declare this as Gross or Net (with or without VAT/GST).

Next, enter the item description and the Debit and Credit financial accounts if required.


Booking payment for an open item

In order to enter the payment date and amount for an open invoice:

Open the item in the editing section by clicking on a list row
Click the arr_down button in the editing section ; the amounts are copied from the 'invoice creation' section by default.
In case the paid amount differs from the invoiced amount (e.g. differences in currency exchange) this amount can be edited.

Note: Should you receive a partial full amount only you may enter it here while leaving the payment date empty . The item will thereby stay 'open'.