Creating reminders

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Reminders are generated in the Outgoing invoices screen in the form of a letter that will be opened, edited and printed in the given client's profile.

Note:  The reminders generated here refer to only one unpaid invoice at a time. However, in any client's profile you will find a list of unpaid invoices, allowing you to print to MS Word several open items at a time.


Indication in the Invoices list; default template settings

TOM highlights the payment status of open invoices provided the credit and reminder periods have been entered correctly in the Client module.

The default text elements of your reminders can be edited in User Settings - Forms.
Two reminder stages are offered, with one text template available for each.


Creating reminders

In the Client invoices section call Open invoices for a better overview.

The reminder status entries "R1" and "R2" at the far right of each list row (Status column) are automatically generated from the periods you have specified in the Client record. Click on this text link to start reminder creation.


Resetting a 'reminder sent' status

After creating a reminder, say, with reminder status "R1", you cannot issue another reminder with the same status. However, you can reset this status if, for whatever reason, you have not sent out the reminder and want to issue another one with the same status